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The deployment of a Single Sign-On based on adAS is improved by the experience of PRiSE in Digital Identity and by the catalogue of enterprise products that give more functionality and add new features to the system.

adAS IdM

adAS IdM is an enterprise suite for the management of the digital identity of an organization. It can be deployed and managed as an unique software component through its web administration tool.

User management.

User management

adAS IdM is a lightweight application based on the distribution of the tasks that have more computational weight among different servers. This distribution allows the execution flow to continue, avoiding the blockage of the system while doing heavy identity management tasks. The tasks will be executed asynchronously in a set of servers.

The design of adAS IdM aggregates digital identity processes that are drawn together, providing abilities such as:

  • Entities management that allow, among others features,to define virtual organizations and stablishing, through attributes, the belonging of the users to differents groups or organizations.
  • Roles and profiles management
  • Delegation of the responsibility of managing certain elements to other users of the system.
  • Audit tool

    Audit tool

  • Password policies that define the features and restrictions that a user or organization password is required to fulfill
  • Identification policies that specify the behavior of the system from the user identification point of view
  • Attribute compliance policies that throw events and alarms when an attribute doesn't fulfill an specific policy
  • Audit and reports
  • Repositories or identity data sources management
  • Definition of the synchronization models and reconciliation among different repositories.

This product is complemented with the functionality provided by the following extensions:

  • adAS SSO: advanced Identity Provider that allows to deploy a Single Sign-On service that it is managed from the same administration tool that the one that adAS IdM have.
  • adAS Worker: asynchronous server that manages the digital identity model associated to the organization business process.

Also, adAS IdM is an interoperability-based solution and provides three different and complementary mechanisms to maximize its capabilities:

  • API REST: It is provided an API based on REST web services that are protected by OAuth2
  • SCIM: System for Cross-domain Identity Management protocol; IETF standard that operates with the digital identity of the users of an organization
  • Virtual LDAP: It is possible to access the central repository of information through an virtual LDAP access. This allow the addition of extra funcionality or management tasks when reading or modifiyig user attributes, for example, the normalization of an user attribute when it is modified.

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