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"adAS in the beginning"

a little bit of history

adAS was designed as a Single Sign-On software for the University of Salamanca. Thanks to this initial bet, the spanish enterprise PRiSE developed this software that is still in evolution and open to the improvements and inputs of the community.

adAS was born in 2009 as a development of the spanish academic community, particularly for the University of Salamanca.

In order to fulfill the requirements of improve the security, management, usability and continuity of the systems of the University of Salamanca, it was requested to PRiSE the task to develop a tool that worked as a Single Sign-On and to deploy a global authentication and authorization infrastructure.

PRiSE developed adAS fulfilling the requirements and expectations of an academic organization and offered this software to the community as open source under Apache 2.0 license.

Thanks to this license and to the community generated around adAS, it has been possible to other organizations to request new features and improvements and to acquire adAS, deploying it in their organizations. This makes adAS one of the open source Single Sign-On software more detailed, sound and versatile of the market.

From the beginning, the users of adAS have been growing, at first among the academic community and later in the private enterprise.